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Friday 25th September 2015
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Welcome to - we offer a free resume builder, free resume advice, and the option to host your resume online at all for free!

If you're after a change in career, try our 3 point plan below:

Build and store your resume online for freeIf you don't already have a resume, our free resume builder takes you through the creation of your resume in simple steps. And when you finish creating it you can store it online and edit again at any time, as well as save it in either plain text, html (web page) format, or rich text MS Word format. In addition to the resume builder we have a 12 point guide to writing a top resume. And if you still need help, we can recomment a great resume writing service to create your perfect resume!

Store your resume online, distribute it to thousands of recruitersOnce you've written your resume, you need potential employers to see it. gives you the option of storing it on our site for free, with an easy to remember address, ( that you can hand out to employers. Your resume will be available in MS Word rich text doc format, plain text, and html (web page). If that's not enough for you, we recommend the following resume distribution sites. Some of them will charge you for their services, but we believe a few dollars is well worth paying to have your resume shown to 1000's of recruiters. How long would it take you to email just a handful?

Search for jobs and post your resume for free on the best job sitesOnce your resume is ready, its time to find some jobs! We've listed a couple of job search engines for you here, and you should also check out these top 4 job sites. They will let you post your resume for free, where it can be searched for by 1000's of recruiters - saving you time and effort. would like to wish you the best of luck with your career!

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